Kabul and Kunar basin seminar

This seminar was specifically conducted at the request of MEW to better understand the World Bank studies conducted on the Kunar cascade development.  The opportunity was taken to further educate members of other ministries with respect to proposed opportunities for infrastructure development within the Kabul basin as a whole. During the discussion of the Kabul basin it was noted that there have been a number of infrastructure projects that have been proposed over the years.   The studies which have been conducted include:
  • Review of Technical Studies on Kunar River Hydropower Development;
  • Strategic Assessment of Hydropower Development Alternatives in the Kunar River Basin: Water Balance and Climate Change Analyses;
  • Assessment of Remote Sensing to Aid the Development of Hydropower Schemes on the Kunar River; and,
  • Institutional Design Analyses for Transboundary Management of the Kunar River Basin.
Initial studies focused on the Kunar Basin and covered four new potential dams and one existing dam, Warsak