What we do?

Lack of specialized research institutions to provide research among CSOs to detect problems and solve them; make us eager to create a sustainable research hub in Afghanistan to cope with followings problems.

  • Lack of research and assessments, resulting poor performance of Government therefore the decisions and policies are not realistic.
  • Researchers don’t have proper resource and suitable center to conduct research
  • There is shortage of communication and discussion between researchers and governmental agencies
  • Outputs from research are commonly not disseminated and are randomly used with governmental agencies

In order to conduct an effective research with high priority which has a direct relationship with community’s needs; GSRO define a mechanism to overcome above mentioned problems, where related government agencies (focused on Environmental, Social and economically aspects) shares their policy making problems with GSRO, hence The Problems will be converted to a research methodology and will be handover to related university students and individual researches, the outcome will be evaluated and disseminated by GSRO and again will be handover to decision makers.

GSRO will hold conferences for the best researches with presence of related sectors and organizations. Approved and qualified researches which suggests the efficient solution for targeted problems will publish on GSRO website and other national and international journals that are a useful reference for corresponding organizations. To comply within this frame work the following policies are applied:

  • Membership agreement of researchers with GSRO,
  • Partnership agreement of relevant universities with GSRO,
  • MOU between government agencies and GSRO,

Green Social research Organization has facilitated many training program , workshops ,seminars in partnership with Herat-University ,Herat small engineering communities  and Ministry of Energy and water (MEW). Training and activities