Who We Are

Green Social Research Organization (GSRO) is a nonprofit and independent research and social organization leads by Group of female professionals. This organization was established with mandate of academic, cultural, social and scientific research to promote community awareness in order to develop new policies and amend the existing ones. Through developing of new prospects, and open discussion and supporting the academic policy makers. GSRO commitment is to conduct open discussions at various level of the community for further supporting the peace process, gender equality, tolerance and unity among the community. Green social research organization (GSRO) founded in 2015, Centre for Social & environmental Research is a non-profit organization with the mission to empower the young generation and leaders and associate for capacity building, skills and acknowledgment related poverty reduction and other areas that support longterm growth and competitiveness developing. GSRO is dedicated to work on educational development, through scientific research, capacity building and team working. The Green Social Research Organization a center for scientific Research and Action, GSRO was founded by a group of female scientists and engineers. GSRO founders were inspired by the dream of a high level knowledge society and the ideologies to improve and create educational spaces.


What we do

Green Social research Organization has facilitated many training program , workshops ,seminars in partnership with Herat-University ,Herat small engineering communities  and Ministry of Energy and water (MEW). Read More about training and seminars here

Our Mission and Vision


To lead the world in developing solutions to social, energy, water and environmental challenges.




Green social research organization has been a leader for Afghan women’s movement through making research opportunities, tri-fold position as an experienced facilitator of grassroots programmers and training; an esteemed research institute; operates on local, national and regional levels in an effort to enhance the capacities of individuals, communities, faculty students and institutions for creating scientific and academic research opportunities.


Focus areas:

The following topics are focused on by GSRO:

  • Environmental
  •  Social
  •  Economy
  •  Energy and water resources



The overall objective of GSRO is to apply a mechanism in order to assist the Government in the areas of policy and decision making by providing scientific outcomes from researches and assessments conducted by university students, individual researchers under direct supervisor of GSRO.

And the specific objectives are:

  • Enabling GSRO as an active research center to share the assessment and research out comes with policy makers
  • Promote coordination and collaboration between researchers and decision makers
  • Create a mechanism to detect problems at the level of governmental organization, and then find solution through realistic assessment by local researches
  • To provide scientific and technical services in various fields
  • To Support, attract and enabling of students and young researchers
  • To Development Desirable relationships with experts in scientific and research centers of the country and other countries
  • To build suitable environment for researchers.